Freed is passionate about working with metal, proficient in both design and fabrication. She's a Paul Weller fan, Sam's Mom, and believes when in doubt you should belt it. Freed is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, receiving the Master of Fine Arts degree, and resides in Virginia.
ARTIST STATEMENT Working in the studio is what I love. I dare say more than anything else in this world. I aim to build a polished final product, clean and sophisticated. I prefer a balanced design aesthetic. Color and symmetry play an important role; craftsmanship is paramount. I frequently engineer hidden connections and employ techniques of forging, hollowware, cold connection riveting, and hot connection soldering/brazing/welding. My preferred materials are copper, bronze, steel and acrylic.
"Its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll."
-Bon Scott (Cedar's hero)